Shop our brilliant range of Serfas lights – front, rear and twin sets!

Whether you’re on the trails or streets after the sun has long set, Serfas lights up your night ride with the industry’s most technologically advanced safety lights.

Our E-LUME and TRUE Series lights offer the highest lumen outputs and the best-in-class price points, while our to-be-seen lights use more efficient LEDs and high quality lenses to increase brightness and clarity.

Whether you’re a mountain biker who needs to see the perfect line, or a road bike commuter who just wants to get home in a safe fashion, Serfas offers tremendous value.

All lights are RoHS compliant, USB rechargable lights keep batteries out of landfill. All testing is done in house to give our customers the confidence to use our lights when they venture out into the dark.

  • Certifiable Testing on Lumen Output, Runtimes and Brightness
  • Remote Switch
  • USB charging port
  • RAM Air Cooling
  • Removable Batteries
  • Mounting Options
  • Strip LED
  • ECO Friendly

Serfas light set review

It is that time of year when commuting or riding regularly that lights is a must have on the bike. There are so many out there for all budgets that choosing a set can be a real nightmare. Does it have to be USB rechargeable, would batteries suffice? How many lumen? Where will you mostly be riding? These are all questions to consider when looking for lights.

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