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Wherever your road leads we know cyclists seek the ultimate ride. With that in mind, Serfas strives to make products that reflect those wants and needs. Bringing Cycling To Life for over 20 years, Serfas’ commitment to quality, performance, and customer service is reflected in our innovative products that are rider-tested and rider approved.

From our latest E-LUME light technology to our plethora of comfort and performance saddles, Serfas has something for everyone. Take your next journey with us. We guarantee you’ll love the results.

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True MTB 500 Front Light


Rugged looks with impressive light output and smart features, our all new completely redesigned Serfas© True Series MTB headlights will illuminate your path.

The Serfas True 500 MTB features 500 lumens of crystal clear bright night time illumination to make out every turn of the trail and 200 lumens in Flash mode to make sure all eyes are on you. A smart grippy extra large power button with LED back-lit battery level indicator ensures surefire operation and convenient battery monitoring so there are no unwelcome surprises on the trail. Go-Pro®, Helmet, and Bar Bracket Included.


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Double Pannier Bag


Perfect for commuting to work, busy students biking to class, or just a lazy Sunday aimlessly riding around town stopping in at some of your favourite local spots.

Serfas® Pannier Bags are stylish, high quality and the most affordable way to add a ton of storage to your ride.

Like what you see? Be sure to check out the rest of the Serfas® Pannier Bag product line.


*Charger, Earbuds, and Light Pictured Not Included.


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Little Stick Mini Pump


“Don’t let a flat tire ruin your ride, replace your tube and pump it up with the Little Stick. The telescoping design makes it easy to inflate your tire and get you back on your way. The little stick will inflate your tires, without draining your wallet.”


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